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I have a passion for fine hashish and am a dedicated hash maker. Due to my work I often end up with too much hash, what to do? Well I started giving my hash to medical patients who need it. I noticed a lot of the medical patients who need marijuana the most are often not able to afford their medicine. So I started to help these patients by teaching them how to grow and process their own marijuana. If that is not possible I connect them with growers who can. I also take care of patients with special needs, putting together care packages with concentrates, edibles, or topicals, depending. If you are sick and want some free hash or feel like any of these services would help you, please get a hold of me. I believe that marijuana should always be free and accessible to people who need it. This is all possible because of donations we receive from companies and marijuana supporters; a big thank you hug to all of my contributors.

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Your donations make a difference and are put toward equipment and supplies. It's easiest for me to accept all donations through my Patreon account.

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Wait wait! don't throw that away, give it to us. We will turn your trash into quality medicine also If you would like help processing your harvest. Please contact us. We specialize in solvent free extractions. We will process your material for 1/2 of the yield.

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Profits put toward giving away hash and HocG operations.


Supporting our youtube channel helps us raise funds for medical marijuana patients

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Solventless extractions for personal or industrial scale facilities.
High quality results with fast throughput.

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Test results from aged hash samples.

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Sorry there are currently no scheduled classes. Please contact us for information on classes

Total Care Program

I offer total care for patients, to see if you qualify for the program please fill out my total care form. Qualified patients receive a customized treatment plan and medication made specifically for them.


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Our most mature hash has been aged for 7 years. A true connoisseurs delight.

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