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I specialize in solvent free, whole trichome extractions. Which, in my opinion, provides the best flavor experience. Hash ages like a fine wine when done properly. Keeping whole trichomes is the best way to age and preserve your hash. I have been perfecting the aging process for hash. I find that right around two years, the flavors in the hash mellow and become more complex often adding a very deep earthy feel. It is then that hash is "ready", the smoke smooths out and is less harsh. Keeping those trichomes whole is important, your hash will not age properly if it has been pressed. This is how hash has been preserved traditionally throughout the ages. Ideally, you would press or rosin press your aged hash right before you smoke it.

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Ageing Hash

Ageing and curing hash properly is very rewarding and easy to do. Just make sure your hash is not sealed air tight and is stored in a very dry and cool place.
*Note, never press your hash before aging it. Other concentrates that are not whole trichome will not age properly.

Water Hash

I have been perfecting my water separations for 10 years. I have systems for both home consumers and industrial scale facilities. One person using my mobile setup can process 100lbs in an eight hour work day.

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HocG Quality Guide

I see hashish quality a little differently than most, not by how high the thc content is, but by the flavors, aromas, and harshness of smoke. How you smoke also changes what "quality" of hash you want. For me nothing beats a top notch dahbus simmered under ice water. (Italian chef kiss)

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